City of Donja Stubica and Hotel & SPA Terme Jezerčica are located in the central part of the northern slopes of Medvednica hill in the green beauty of Stubica valley. The southern part includes a lavish flora of Nature park “Medvednica” and the northern part is surrounded by picturesque hills. Donja Stubica is certainly the most interesting historical small city of the northern Croatian.

Oršić Castle and Peasants’ Revolt Museum

Today is the Oršić Castle used as Peasants’ Revolt Museum, castle chapel, gallery and as souvenir shop. Near the castle there is a four hundred year old linden tree in front of which, according to the legend, the peasant leader Matija Gubec started the revolt in the 16th century

Castle Stubički Golubovec

On the road from Stubičke Toplice to Marija Bistrica stands an estate known from the times of Peasants’ revolt, which, changing many owners over centuries became the guardian of the region’s culture and tradition. The castle is today home to Kajkaviana Society dedicated to the preservation of Kajkavian heritage. Permanent exhibition called “Kajkaviana Croatica” is open to public, and visitors can also attend concerts, theatre performances, lectures and promotions held in the castle’s main hall.

Matija Gubec birth house

Matija Gubec birth house and Gubec linden tree are background for all stories about glorious history and tradition Donja Stubica.

Neanderthal museum

eanderthal museum is located near the world famous site of the Krapina Neanderthals „Hušnjakovo“, a fact which makes it a unique visiting complex.